1. I don't live in New York. How can I learn French with you?

I have taught online lessons since 2014 and find it very efficient.

2. What is your teaching philosophy?

I focus on my student's needs (French for work, personal life, pleasure), level (total beginner up to advanced), characteristics (age, learning method) and goals (oral, writing). Based on these criteria, I build a specific course. 

All of my classes are very concrete and fun. I believe that a good relationship between the teacher and the students is important in the learning process.

Also, even if I am the teacher, I am curious and see myself learning a lot thanks to my students.

3. What can I expect from an online class with you? (teens and adults)

My lessons are very diverse. I like to catch my students' attention by different subjects (arts, politics, food, ...) and by different supports (articles, videos, songs).

A typical 60 minutes lesson would be: 

- a few minutes of greetings (How are you? What did you do today?)

- a reminder of the last lesson (With questions to check the acquisition of the concepts)

- a development of a new grammatical concept (both writing and oral)

- the reading of an article or watch a video on a new subject ("the benefits of reading" for example), with comprehension questions

- give your opinion, and create sentences or answer questions on the subject just seen with the grammatical concept

4.What can I expect from an online class with you? (kids)

Depending on the age, the virtual lesson will take between 30 and 60 minutes.

A typical lesson would be: 

- a few minutes of greetings (How are you feeling? What's the weather today?)

- a few ritual songs

- introduction of the lesson (flashcards)

- development of the lesson: work on the new concepts/vocabulary by drawing/writing/showing

- reading

5. I have a friend/some friends with who I would like to learn French. Is it possible?

Absolutely! I do offer group classes (in New York City only). Your levels must be approximately similar.

The more you are (maximum 8), the more the rate will be interesting for each of you.

6. I am a visual learner. What kind of method would you use with me?

For beginners and students who prefer to work with a method (book), I can recommend excellent books that we can use during the classes. They can be purchased on Amazon.

7. Do you prepare for French exams?

Yes! I am a certified examiner for the DELF/DALF exams, and also for the TCF (for the French citizenship). I also have experience in SAT and AP French preparation.

8. What is the cost of a class?

Contact me with the following information: private or group? at home (NYC only) or online? General French, custom French, or test preparation? Payment before each class or purchase of a package?

9. What is your cancellation policy?

I asked to be informed (by email) at least 24 hours before any cancellation, otherwise would be charged as it would be too late to offer this time slot to another student.

On my side, if I cancel less than 24 hours before our class, I will credit your next class with extra time (I typically add half of your class length).

10. How can I pay for the lessons?

You can pay by cash, PayPal or Venmo. 

f you want to pay using your credit card, I will send you the direct link to my PayPal online payment page where you will be able to make a secure credit card payment.

11. Do you have recommendations?

Sure! Just go to the "testimonial" page, some of my students shared their experience.