Anne D. (online classes)

Our daughter’s high school announced 2 weeks into the academic year that her French teacher would be out until the end of November. The students were due to take the AP exam the following June. This when Charlotte stepped in to the void and took the lead. Our daughter came away not only with confidence and solid knowledge to take the exam but has developed a love for the language and French culture. Charlotte is a gifted, caring and perceptive teacher. 

Lauren G. 

Charlotte is an engaging, fun, and inspiring French teacher! She helped me master French before moving to Paris for work! She will keep you motivated and interested in learning the language.

Julie G.

Charlotte is an incredible teacher! I loved her class so much. She kept the class interesting and fun by adding touches of French music, movies, & TV shows. I highly recommend Charlotte as a French teacher!!

Viviana G.

I have been working with Charlotte for over a year both in formal classroom settings and private lessons. It is my best experience with a private tutor! Unlike previous tutors, Charlotte is always well prepared, quick to notice where I need more practice, and never forgets our objectives. She is the ultimate professional and our lessons are very enjoyable.

Priya S.

Charlotte is a wonderful French teacher. I have a 4 year old daughter and Charlotte introduced her to French through play based learning which intrigued and interested my child immediately. She has a lovely way with kids and I highly recommend her!

Charlene B.

Charlotte is a fantastic teacher. Her activities are age-appropriate, lively, and really engaging. My son loves French class, and so does Mom!

Christine W.

Charlotte Jimenez has tutored our teenage daughter for 2 years.  She has not only given her confidence to be able to speak French but has helped her get into an AP class which our daughter was striving for. With wonderful encouragement, consistency and patience Charlotte has been an invaluable tutor for our daughter. We cannot recommend her enough.

Laurel B. (online classes)

My French classes with Charlotte were great! She used a formal book to organize the lessons, as well as additional exercises, videos, conversations, and homework. The lessons were immersive; she rarely used English and the books are completely in French, which I love because I started to think in French. I remember when I first started I was at the beginner level and I could only understand a few things here and there. Now I can have a whole conversation back and forth, and I was even comfortable doing a solo trip to Paris! Merci Charlotte!

Roa H. (online classes)

I have regularly taken online French lessons with Charlotte for several years now. After high school French, I never had the opportunity to practice French again and when I started my lessons with her, my French was very basic. I saw significant improvement in my speaking/reading abilities just after a number of weeks. I really like her teaching style which is friendly and encouraging and she is very accommodating in her schedule. I recommend her without reservations.